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云敞OpsStack Cloud Governance(云治理中心)荣获AWS全球技术认证

· 云敞博客

February 15, 2019,Yunchang is very proud to announce its flagship OpsStack Cloud Operations Platform has been globally certified by AWS for Cloud Governance, bringing Chinese customers advanced policy-driven security, reliability, and standardization capabilities.


APN Partner solutions in this category aim to simplify the management of AWS resources, providing policy-driven guardrails to track, report, alert and act on configuration changes and non-compliant resources or actions.


OpsStack provides real-time alerting and both automatic and manual fixes for common policy violations, such as closing open security groups or stopping non-compliant instances.


Automated scanning is across any number of AWS account, regions, and services, both inside China and globally. Policies can be applied across all systems, or limited by Tags such that they apply to specific systems, environments, or components, as needed.


OpsStack’s governance is purpose-built to strengthen your cloud security posture and help you meet compliance mandates.

OpsStack 云治理中心的出发点是为了加强用户在云计算使用过程中的安全,以及遵循一系列的合规要求。

OpsStack’s AWS Cloud Governance is part of the much larger suite of features in cloud operations, including billing & cost management, monitoring, logging, troubleshooting, discovery, and much more. All of these features are also available across a wide-variety of public & private clouds.


YunChang is proud to be included in this AWS Competency, demonstrating our leadership in China and globally on large-scale unified cloud and system management.


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